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Month 39

Your child

Your baby

Your three year-old no longer needs to concentrate in the same way when running, jumping or walking. Things come more naturally now. But their judgment and coordination are still developing, so you can expect bruises and grazes to keep happening for a while yet. Don’t worry - this is the way it should be. It’s only by challenging themselves that children discover their limits and continue learning. Taking the occasional knock actually helps their development. What’s more, most three year-olds find sticking plasters one of the coolest inventions ever. 



At this age, children still lack fine control of their fingers. But they can practice their fine motor skills by: Building with bricks and lego Doing jigsaw puzzles Playing with pegboards Stringing beads Building sandcastles Pouring water into containers of different sizes Dressing and undressing dolls But if your toddler isn't interested in any of these activities, but loves running, kicking and cycling – just accept it. There’s no point coaxing and bribing them. Sooner or later things will fall into place.

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