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Month 36

Your child

Your baby

Some children get taller so quickly that their muscles and weight can’t keep up. They might actually look a little thin and wispy for a while. But that doesn't necessarily mean they’re eating too little or that something is wrong. Things will gradually balance out. This is the beginning of the magical years. A three year-old’s everyday life and the games of a three-year-old are full of imagination and inventiveness.  



When someone notices and listens to you, when someone cares about your views and opinions, you feel important – and that's a wonderful feeling. And this feeling is where self-confidence takes root and blossoms. It can be as simple as listening when your daughter or son tells you something and responding to what he or she says. Try asking your child’s opinion from time to time. Offer a choice between different options if it doesn’t make life complicated. That’s really all there is to it.  

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