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Month 33

Your child

Your baby

Have you tried keeping up with your child? It just doesn’t work. You simply don’t have that kind of energy anymore – hardly even for a moment. Sometimes it can be a little frustrating that they never sit still, that they’re up and down and all over the place the whole time. This is the age of being constantly and incessantly on the move. Moving around doesn’t just help children improve their coordination, it also helps them absorb new thoughts, feelings and words. If you talk about planes, for example, your child might stretch out their arms like wings and start circling around. Feeling words and situations in their body makes them easier to grasp. So it’s very important for children to have ants in their pants – even though it can sometimes test your patience...  



Ask a three-year-old if honesty is the best policy, and you’ll get a very honest answer: No. Your child hasn’t yet experienced the benefits of truthfulness. So it’s not unusual for toddlers to tell little white lies like “It wasn’t me”, or come up with very imaginative stories such as “A princess gave it to me”. The reason for these lies is very clear: to avoid the consequences. Your three year-old couldn’t care less yet that lying isn’t a nice thing to do or that he might never be believed again. Two tips from other parents: don’t make it easy to lie, and make it easy to tell the truth.

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