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Month 9

Your child

Your baby

Repetition is really fun at this age - doing things over and over again. Dropping things once, twice and a hundred times is such a hoot! What’s more, your child’s motor precision has improved. It’s no longer a question of whether they can grab your glasses, now your baby knows how to aim precisely, whether it’s at your glasses, earrings or – ouch! – hair. Babies also tend to get more clingy around this time. They have started to realise that the two of you are separate people, and they feel a strong need to stay close to you Listen to your child’s babble. It already has the rhythm and melody of language. It’s mostly ga-ga-ga, without distinct words, but listen closely and you can hear whether it’s a question or an answer.  



Once your baby starts realising they are separate from you, that they’re an individual, the number of wake-ups at night might increase. Don’t worry, it’s a passing phase, like most things in little children’s lives. It will come and go, and might or might not return again later.

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