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Month 8

Your child

Your baby

If your baby can move from one place to another, it might only take a couple of minutes before you are surrounded by chaos! Flower pots, sand, books, TV buttons turned on and off, on and off. How kind of those nice adults to make fun things like videos and DVDs with little openings to push things into! And that TV remote… it’s such fun to press, bang and dribble on (hard to avoid when you’re teething). Wow – it’s all so fascinating!  



Sometimes it feels like your baby purposely does things to annoy you, like eating dirt, examining phone leads and pulling on exciting cables. You know that’s not really true, but still… Sometimes it’s easy to forget that what they are doing is precisely what they should be doing – exploring their world. It helps if you just move the offending item out of reach rather than make a big fuss. When your baby heads off to explore the electrical lead, should you say no? Only if you don’t mind repeating it 1,000 times. It’s better to lift baby out of danger’s way and get them interested in something else. Their memory span is still short and it’s easy to divert them by offering a toy instead. But it doesn't always work. Baby’s memory is constantly improving. You’ll just have to keep anything that you might worry about locked away. Or else say no for the 1,001st time and lift your child away.

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