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Month 5

Your child

Your baby

Around this time, your baby will start trying out their voice, and you’ll hear new sounds. Their vision improves and they can focus at both long and short distances. Muscles are getting stronger and stronger too and you might have to watch out for those enthusiastic kicking legs! Your little one grabs at things and grips them tightly – without much care or consideration. When your baby examines you, it’s with great interest. They will tug at your hair, rip at your beard and lunge for your glasses at every opportunity. Those tiny fingers will pry at your mouth and pull your nose… And now your baby is really starting to explore the world for real - with their mouth. For a while everything – yes, really everything - that your baby comes across will end up in their mouth. Everything! 



There's no need to rush out and buy toys just yet. Your baby still prefers plastic jars, lids and ladles, wooden spoons and empty cardboard boxes. Are your nights more restful? Does life feel a little more ordinary again? Is it manageable? Or do things still feel upside down? It helps to establish some routines. This may sound boring, but children love them. They’re happiest when they know what to expect. Click here to read more . Take care of your back now that your baby is getting heavier. Do you remember to bend your knees when lifting? Always lift from your knees – never from your back.

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