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Month 4

Your child

Your baby

From having only been able to see black and white until now, your baby is starting to see colours and even has colour preferences! (They prefer scarlet to ochre and cornflower blue to dove grey.) Your child’s body is becoming more and more stable. Lying on their stomach for some ‘tummy time’ every day is great exercise. Remember, babies shouldn’t sleep on their stomachs, but it’s great to give them tummy time when they’re awake and mum or dad is around. To get them used to tummy time, start with short bursts when they’re happy and lie beside them talking and playing so they don’t get bored.  



It’s wonderful getting that smile of recognition from your baby. And the smile doesn’t stop at their face; their whole body is involved, with wriggling legs, waving arms and faster breathing. A smile like that can make clouds break into sunshine, choirs burst into song and tired parents cope a little longer! Have you met any parents that you like spending time with? It can make a huge difference having a few friends in the same boat, who understand your fatigue and your joy… If you haven’t found any yet, check here for a parent group.

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