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Month 3

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Your baby

This is when baby starts putting together cause and effect. For example, if I cry, someone will come and pick me up. What a cool discovery! Their vision is getting better and better. It’s fun for them to watch a mobile move because now they can follow it a little bit. But the most fascinating thing of all still is your face. Stick out your tongue and hold it there – chances are your baby will copy you. Babies are born knowing how to copy, and they start by copying you. That’s how they learn most things in life.  Your baby also loves hearing your voice, so talk and sing as much as possible (do you remember any of those old songs and nursery rhymes?). Perhaps they have found their hands and stare at them fascinated. This is the first step in discovering where their body ends and the world begins.



The first three months of a baby's life have been likened to an extended pregnancy. They are still not quite ready to face the world and have a lot to learn during this time. During these first three months, they not only continue to grow, but they also have to get used to life outside the womb. And that’s a hard adjustment to have to make. But many parents find that by the end of the third month, their little bundle starts to seem more like a person, as routines start forming and things calm down. This is probably because you’ve got to know each other; you’ve become best friends. This makes things easier. So much easier, in fact, that around the middle or end of this month, you might feel like stepping outside the front door and perhaps going for a walk or having coffee with a friend.

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