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Month 2

Your child

Your baby

The first smile, one that’s not just a muscle twitch or gas, can be spotted now. And what a smile – it’s both an awesome payback (for lost sleep) and actually transforms your baby into a little person. Your son or daughter is opening up to the surrounding world more and more. Waking moments between naps are becoming even longer. And the majority of the time your baby is awake is spent listening to you and looking at you - observing you closely to learn about you and everything else in the surroundings.  



This can be a demanding month. For you, mom, it is a combination of lack of sleep and your body recuperating which makes it so tough. Meanwhile, dads and partners have to get used to a new situation while coping on less sleep. Just stay put at home. On the sofa. In your sweats. Sleep when you need to. Don’t mind the things you are supposed to do. Just go easy on yourself. Hang in there – things will get better next month.

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