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Month 11

Your child

Your baby

You’ve probably got a curious, egocentric little explorer living with you. Your child’s brain is still working hard to link together the muscles in their body and their brain. It’s tough work. But those fine motor skills are steadily improving, and your child is increasingly using thumb and forefinger to pick things up.    



Bending down while you help your baby practice walking can take its toll on your back, to say the least. But what fun it is for your child! Have you noticed how, when your baby moves away from you, they always check your whereabouts, especially in unfamiliar surroundings? You’re the centre of their universe, so they don’t want to lose sight of you. Often, your baby will come back to you and stay close for a while, charging up on security before heading off again. It’s a pretty cool feeling being that important to somebody else.

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