It is easy to forget each other when you become a parent as your baby takes most of your time and energy. What do you do to keep your relationship alive? Share your suggestions here.

Be honest - did you expect your life would change so quickly and so fundamentally when you became a parent? That you would become so tired, so occupied, so in love with your baby? And what about the side effect of less time with your partner What to do about that?

Here are some things to try:
• Talk and then talk some more
• Keep that sensuality alive; give priority to being close to each another Court one another again
• Together, make the most of the time your baby is asleep
• Advice for fathers: Take some of the pressure off your partner so that she has the energy to have a relationship with you as well
• Advice for mothers: Share your baby - you can't do everything
Make sure you share your suggestions
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