Perhaps you’re even more excited than your kid, who knows, but after all it’s the first day of preschool. Here’re some little things to make the transition smoother.

It is huge It’s a big step, and it may feel like a step away from you…  The backpack, the lunch, and just that your baby isn’t a little baby any longer, he/she’s a big boy or girl stepping out of your home on this special day A preschooler aiming for kindergarten and elementary school and, soon enough, high school … You’ll be aware of time actually flying by on this day And yes, it’s a little bit sad… and at the same time thrilling
Of course it’s a big occasion for your kid too, especially if he hasn’t attended any day care For a smoother transition into preschool life, try these tips:
- Make sure that your child has visited the preschool before The first day at preschool shouldn’t actually be the “first” day  Your kid should have had an opportunity to get to know the place and the teachers
- See to it that your child’s used to being around other children; playgroup practice is the best start
- Talk a lot about preschool in advance Talk about all the fun things that happen there, friends, play time, craft projects, learning, music, and lunches
- Let her/ him decide what to wear, what to pack for lunch, for the first day at preschool She/he’s big now
- Pack some extra clothes There are so many fun things that happen at preschool and your kid won’t want to miss anything, especially not for doing such a boring thing as having a potty break (even if it’s desperately needed)
- For the first few days, perhaps weeks, you may need to help your child warm up to the situation, just by staying behind at the preschool a little while So don’t just drop him/her by the door
- Always say good bye, don’t sneak away!
This is a transition for both you and your kid, so one piece of extra advice; make time for lots of hugs and closeness for the following days and weeks That’s what it takes to get used to being, and having, a preschooler in the family
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