For those days when you're stuck for ideas, here's a list of fun things to do indoors together.

• Have a bear hunt Collect your child’s soft toys and hide them all over the house See if they can find them, using ‘hot’ ‘cold’ to help them
• Make a hut or den Drape a blanket or sheet around the bunks, over a clothes horse or over two couches pushed together and have a picnic inside
• Play a preschooler version of the memory game Gather household objects, put them on a tray, let your child look at them for a while and then cover the tray with a tea-towel and see how many items they can remember
• Play hide and seek Strategically place a couple of large blankets around the house to add extra hiding spaces It’s best if you play too
• Make tunnels out of stools or furniture and design an obstacle course for your child to climb through
• Play pretend games - doctors, kings and queens, beauty salons or take turns being a shop keeper
• Create an orchestra: get out the pots and team them with wooden spoons to make a kitchen band Plastic containers filled with rice make good shakers Or play musical statues or turn down the lights and have a disco
• Push all the lounge furniture back, get out the blocks, Lego, train sets, toy towns, cars and trucks and create your own city
Do you have more ideas for indoor play? Please add them here!

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