So you want a well-mannered kid? It’s actually not that hard. But there is a catch; you have to be well-behaved yourself...

There is a lot of manners to learn; All the thank yous, greeting, saying good bye, getting gifts, table manners, and last but not least, blowing your nose using tissue, are just a few of them
God manners is a process that takes time, practice, and a great role model – you If you share praise, say please and thank yous you’re almost there If you treat even the youngest with respect, make eye contact, pay attention when the child speak, treat his belongings with care and respect
It is that simple If heard often enough please, thank you and excuse me can become second nature
Here are some things you can do to boost good manners:
- Compliment and pass on any compliments your kid gets for being polite
- Teach and practice through role playing
- Have age appropriate expectations and keep in mind that any child need some time to become comfortable with other people
- Pressure is no use, but reminders are
From remembering saying thank you to sharing, it will take many years of etiquette exposure (and many reminders) before your child matures into polite company But he or she will get there soon enough
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