Your LMC will be a really important person in your life over the next few months. He/She is the one responsible for monitoring your health, answering all your questions and being your sounding board.

The first visit to your LMC will happen early on in your pregnancy With this visit becoming a parent suddenly feels real somehow

Take your partner to your LMC visit
You should take your partner to this visit if possible

Your LMC will assess your health, including family history, and let you know what to expect from your care They’ll start your ‘notes’ or care plan, and give you a copy They’ll organise a first antenatal blood test and book you into their care (although you can change LMCs at any time) They will also discuss with you what you can do to ensure that your baby is healthy and developing as well as possible

Ask away
Don’t hesitate to ask your LMC everything you want to know Some people take a list of questions so they don’t forget anything – that’s smart thinking

What did you ask your LMC on your first visit? Tell us!

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