You don't have to stop travelling when you're pregnant. You can travel and even fly right up until week 36, as long as you're feeling OK.

There is nothing to stop you from travelling, even flying, if you’re experiencing no complications Pregnant women often find the second trimester the best time to travel – you’ve got more energy and are over the tiredness and nausea usually

Airline regulations for pregnancy
If you are flying you’ll need to contact the airline in question to find out whether they have any special rules you need to follow

With Air New Zealand, for example, there are no travel restrictions for pregnant women with complication-free pregnancies up to 36 weeks, but medical clearance is required for international flights within the last four weeks of pregnancy Medical clearance is required for pregnant passengers carrying multiples and for women flying domestically within the last two weeks of pregnancy

Travelling in developing countries where you’re more at risk of contracting disease is probably best left til another time

If you have any questions, discuss your travel plans with your LMC And remember to bring a copy of your case notes with you if they think it’s a good idea
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