It's never too early to prepare for the birth.

Exercising during pregnancy will not only make you feel good – strong and energised - your baby will benefit too And it can make the birth easier!

But it’s also vital to do relaxation and breathing exercises And that isn't something you have to do on your own Look on it as a chance to spend time with your partner Together, at home, you can try the following: Relaxation Lie down comfortably with pillows to support you, breathe deeply and feel how your muscles relax Then tense your body and relax it again You can listen to soothing music Relaxing in this calm, harmonious way will make your baby feel as good as you do You can also do this to relax during labour

Massage provides intimacy and pain relief But take it slightly easier than usual and read books about massage for pregnant women beforehand, or visit a qualified massage therapist Massage can be combined with a hot bath to provide pleasant relaxation and rest when your body aches Breathing exercises Breathing exercises are great preparation for labour There are several different breathing exercises you can do Ask your midwife to teach you an appropriate method, and then practise it with your partner
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