If you're pregnant, you need to make doubly sure the food you eat is safe, because food poisoning can sometimes harm your baby.

Stick with these six rules to avoid food poisoning:

1 Wash and dry your hands thoroughly with soap before and after handling food, before eating, after using the toilet, changing nappies or handling animals

2 Rinse fruit and vegetables well before eating and check "best before" dates on food

3 Serve hot food hot, and cold food cold Always reheat leftovers until they're piping hot right through Most bacteria are killed at 100°C Never reheat food more than once and eat cooked foods within two days

4 Cook all food, especially chicken, thoroughly, particularly when using the BBQ

5 Refrigerate leftovers promptly Don't leave food and drink lying around in the heat over prolonged meals, especially outdoors Store in covered, insect-proof containers Don't thaw frozen foods and meat on the bench - defrost them in the fridge or in the microwave

6 Keep raw and prepared foods separate during preparation and storage Store prepared foods above raw foods in the fridge and have separate chopping boards for each Wash boards, utensils and surfaces with hot soapy water between handling raw and ready-to-eat foods

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