There is actually only one rule when it comes to buying maternity clothes: Wait, until you really need some.

Banish those visions of maternity dresses with big orange bows on the tummy There are a lot of really lovely maternity clothes to choose from these days Of course it's not always easy to dress just as you’d like to But you can certainly be dressed to the nines!

Ordinary clothes work for a long time
A lot of the big clothes chains now have a wide range of maternity clothes and there are a number of specialist shops as well, including on the Internet

But you can also buy ordinary clothes, like trousers with a low waist in a bigger size, or a skirt with an elastic waist Look for longer tops which cover your tummy as well

Wait to purchase the first maternity clothes
Here is some money-saving advice - don’t buy lots of maternity clothes early on to wear later You may never grow into those maternity trousers, which seemed such a good idea at the time Or you may have grown out of them by week 18 Instead, buy things as you really need them

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