A lot of pregnant women experience back pain and pain in the pelvis. Here are some things you can do to ease the pain.

Back pain
Back pain is common during pregnancy, due to hormones and changes in posture caused by the growing uterus Be aware of your posture, tucking in your pelvis and avoiding arching backwards Also, keep your spine in good shape by exercising Yoga, aqua jogging and swimming are great Persistent back pain may respond to treatment from a physiotherapist, acupuncturist, osteopath or chiropractor Backache that comes and goes may be due to contractions, which are sometimes felt more strongly there than in the abdomen If unsure, call your LMC

Pain in the pelvis

Pain in the pelvis is also known as symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) It can be severe, worsening during activities such as dressing, lifting, walking or climbing stairs The causes vary – it may be because pregnancy hormones allow the pelvic bones to move slightly during birth, especially at the frontal point called the symphysis pubis, where the two main halves of the pelvis meet, or there may be misalignment of the pelvic bones


Pelvic pain commonly begins mid-pregnancy Your LMC may recommend treatment from a physiotherapist, acupuncturist, osteopath or chiropractor A pelvic support belt can give relief and exercises may help Avoid large movements that worsen the pain

Also try the following to ease the pain:
• Take breaks during the course of the day
• Change your position often
• Avoid leaning to one side and straighten up whether you are standing, walking or sitting
• If you are working sitting down or standing up, it is especially important that you change your position often
• Try a putting a cold pack, 15-20 minutes on the really sore spots
• Wear flat shoes that you can slip on and off easily

What if the pain continues after the birth?

In most cases the pain will improve after the birth but in rare instances it may persist and require postnatal treatment Talk to your LMC

Do you have back or pelvic pain? Have you got any advice or tips? Did a pelvic support belt work for you? Tell us about it here

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