You might be keen to get rid of some of your baby weight after the birth, but to begin with, walking will have to do, until your midwife gives you the green light to increase your efforts.

Sure, you're fed up with your maternity clothes, and it might come as a bit of a shock to realise you still need them after the birth You might also find it difficult to imagine that your body will ever be its pre-pregnancy shape again

But it will, given time

When can I start exercising?
It is hard to find the time to exercise when breastfeeding and just muddling through everyday life has to come first But starting to exercise before you've healed is a bad idea anyway – so don’t push yourself It takes about two months for your stitches to disappear, for the swelling to go down and for your uterus to return to its normal size

But, in much the same way as when you were pregnant, a little bit of exercise is better than nothing Initially, going out for a walk with the pram is a good amount of exercise and a gentle way to start getting rid of some of that excess weight

Ask your midwife at your next checkup whether it's okay to return to your normal exercise routine She will be able to tell you when it is okay for you to do more than walk

Bladder weakness
Perhaps you’ve noticed that you trickle a bit when you sneeze or cough? The most important exercises to do after birth are pelvic floor exercises to get your pelvic floor muscles back into shape
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