Your baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. So choose baby clothes with care, for environmental and health reasons as well as comfort. Here are some tips.

Things to think about when buying baby clothes:

1 Wash all new clothes before use This will help reduce the levels of toxic substances often found in new clothes

2 If the clothes are packed in a polythene bag or other wrapping, open the bag outside the house so that any formaldehyde vapour is “diluted” before you or your baby breathe it

3 As much as possible, avoid buying baby clothes with rubbery lettering if you have the slightest suspicion that it contains phthalates Usually, PVC lettering containing phthalates feels soft and “rubbery”

4 Make sure your baby doesn’t grab or suck this type of lettering while being bathed and changed

5 Look for products with eco-labels

6 Buy pre-loved Second-hand clothes are great for the environment, and are soft from being worn and washed a lot (Because of this, they also contain fewer toxic substances)

7 Opt for convenience Choose clothes that are easy to remove during nappy changes

8 Go for comfort Choose soft clothes without zips that can be hard and uncomfortable against your baby’s skin

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