Buying a pram or buggy is a bit like buying a car; it all depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Buying a buggy is a big financial outlay, so it needs to meet your needs to earn its keep Ask questions, research, then go shopping

The number one thing to remember is that your choice of buggy should be determined by your lifestyle It needs to be practical and work for you

Start your search
There are various types of prams on the market: buggies, convertible prams, multifunctional prams, twin prams, sibling prams and jogging prams Ask around and see what works for others

Things to think about
Your choice of pram should be determined by who you are rather than what's in fashion Start by answering the following questions:
• Have you got a car? How large is its boot? This will determine your pram’s size and the way it collapses
• Do you often take the bus? Then you might want a smaller pram
• Will the pram be stored indoors? In the hallway? Or in the garage? Adapt the pram's size accordingly
• Do you take walks in off-road or on the beach often? Do you visit cafés and do lots of shopping? Large wheels roll easier over stones and uneven services but urban-style prams tend to be lighter and easier to steer around shops
• What’s the weather like where you live? This will determine the type of covers you’ll need on your pram

Also remember that your newborn will need to be able to lie flat in a comfy environment for the first couple of months ie in something that resembles a pram These days, most buggies can be adjusted to lie flat, so there’s usually no need to buy a pram and a buggy

Snap-n-go and fixed carseat capsule frames are a great option for the first 12 weeks, especially if you have other children at either kindergarten or school You can remove the baby capsule from your car and onto a wheeled base Hiring or borrowing one is a good option

Also remember: it’s really nice to have the option of having your baby facing towards you, so look for buggies with reversible handles

Think carefully about your needs Remember you’ll be using the buggy for a long time Don’t by shy to haggle and shop around for bargains, either new (check if it has a warranty and how long it’s for); or second-hand, online

Make sure your pram is safe
Whatever model you choose, your buggy needs to comply with safety standards Check it displays the necessary compliance symbol and ask to see this A good website for information is wwwconsumerorgnz

Help other parents by telling us how you found the perfect pram Share here
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