You can ease birth pain and help the birthing process by moving a bit and switching between different positions.

During the first stage of labour, contractions can be very painful The baby twists and turns downwards through the birth canal, which is curved That’s why it helps to experiment to find the most comfortable position Walking, standing or leaning on to a wall or your support person is good because gravity helps move the baby downwards

You might feel most comfortable kneeling on all fours, sitting up or lying on your side on a bean bag or an easy chair It may help to place your hands on your thighs, bend forward slightly and rock back and forth during the contractions

Choose the birthing position that suits you

During the next stage, the pushing stage, choose the birthing positions that suit you best Whether you choose to give birth standing, lying down, crouching, resting on your hands and knees or sitting up, it’s up to you

Giving birth lyng on your back

Moving around shouldn’t feel like yet another thing you’ve got to do in an already trying situation Listen to your body and follow your own instincts There’s nothing wrong with just staying still and lying down, if that feels right for you

Use your LMC as a sounding board

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