Colic is every parent's nightmare. It's rare, but that's not much of a comfort when you have a crying baby in your arms. Colic is really tough and you should not hesitate to ask for help from family and friends.

Colic is a condition involving repeated bouts of excessive crying and movements which seem to suggest stomach pain Colic starts when the baby is about three weeks old The cause is not known

Overtiredness is not colic

But colic is actually rare For example it's easy to mistake overtiredness for colic With colic, a baby usually cries for at least three hours a day, for at least three days a week and for at least three weeks A baby will typically have their crying bouts in the late afternoon or evening Apart from this, they will seem quite ok, feed normally and have normal bowel movements

Even though colic is not that common, it is every parent's fear And it’s a nightmare when it happens to your baby To have your baby crying hour after hour and not be able to comfort them is painful and frustrating

What to try
Here are some things you can try to relieve your baby’s discomfort
• Cows’ milk may be one of the culprits Your doctor will probably rule out any lactose intolerance or allergies as a first step

• There are comforting ways to swaddle your baby Surveys show that many colicky infants calm down when this is done Ask your midwife or Plunket nurse for a demonstration

• Some people say acupuncture or cranial osteopathy works Ask your doctor for a recommendation to a respected practitioner

Contact your midwife, Plunket or your GP for help and support

Ask for support
How long will it last? No one knows No one can tell So that’s why you really should ask for help and support from family and friends Because you’ll need a rest from time to time to get through the colicy period It’s stressful and hard Don’t tire yourself out Ask for help; it’s better for you and your baby

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