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Your five new favourite diaper bag essentials

So you’re excited to take baby out on their first outing and you are in love with that cute diaper bag your best friend gave you at your baby shower. Maybe you think you know what you need to pack in it, but the reality is that there are so many unexpected situations that could spring up when you’re out with your baby. In that spirit, some experienced mums put together a list of their secret diaper bag items that you probably never thought to have handy. You can thank us later! 


1. Nursing pads and change of clothes (not just for the baby!)

Yes, your baby’s diaper may leak and stain their clothes, and yes they may throw up all over themselves. A change of clothes for your baby is definitely essential. However, take note that the likelihood of baby dirtying your clothes is high as well! If you want to make sure you don’t end up looking like a hot mess, you may want to have at least a fresh blouse or t-shirt in your bag for yourself as well.

Additionally, if you are breastfeeding, you should pack comfortable nursing pads to keep those hard working “twins” comfortable and your clothes safe from leaks!


2. Diaper cream and Chinese medicated oil

Diaper cream is essential when changing your baby’s diaper. It acts as a barrier between your baby’s sensitive skin and the diaper which may become irritating over time. Take note that diaper creams containing the ingredient petrolatum are good for everyday use. They are less messy to apply and keep baby comfortable. However, if your baby has a diaper rash or particularly sensitive skin, zinc oxide is the ingredient you should be looking for. The only downside to using diaper creams with zinc oxide is that they have a stickier consistency that may be messier to handle while on the move.

With baby’s bottom taken care off… What about you? Perhaps you’re starting to feel sore from carrying a heavy diaper bag all day. Maybe you’re getting migraines from all the crying and lack of sleep. Many mums like to carry Chinese medicated oil with them as it is a quick and easy solution for these aches and pains. Additionally, it can help to soothe a colicky baby - simply apply a little to your hands and rub them together before gently massaging your baby’s tummy.


3. Plastic bags for easy disposal of diapers

A quality diaper that fits your baby well and keeps them comfortable for longer means less diaper changes for you to handle while out! What makes a good diaper? Drypers Touch is an example of an absorbent and super soft diaper that fits the contours of your baby’s bottom with a range of sizes from when they are born. Alternatively, you can always consider the new Drypers Drypantz which comes with an easy disposal tape for lesser mess when disposing. Want to try? Click here to request for your free samples today!

In the event that your baby’s clothes are dirty or if you can’t find a bin to throw their diaper out immediately, experienced mums recommend storing spare plastic bags in your diaper bag. These could be recycled supermarket bags, or some mothers even suggest buying special doggy poo bags or resealable freezer bags from the supermarket. 

Environmentally friendly mums may prefer to buy a wet bag from baby shops. Wet bags are made from a lightweight, water resistant fabric and can be used to store dirty clothes. They can be washed and reused over and over, minimising the use of plastic.


4. Wet wipes for baby… and hand sanitiser for yourself

Wet wipes are great for cleaning a dirty bottom when you are out and need to change your baby’s diaper on the go. They also have multiple other uses such as for cleaning dirty hands and dirty faces, mopping up spills, the list goes on…

But more importantly, are you also staying clean and hygienic? Remember that dealing with dirty diapers all day means you are particularly susceptible to harmful bacteria and germs. With your hands full all the time, you may sometimes forget to wash them. This is why it is a good idea to carry hand sanitiser with you as a back up. That way, you can be assured that you aren’t exposing yourself to any nasty germs. A sick mamma is not a happy mamma!


5. Diaper changing mat and toys

Our Singaporean shopping malls are well equipped with diaper changing stations for you to change your baby. However, have you thought of how many bare baby bottoms have laid there before your baby’s? It is a good idea to have a lightweight diaper changing mat in your diaper bag to lay on the surface. These mats are also useful when the diaper changing station is busy and you need to do an emergency diaper change on some other surface.

By the time your baby has poo-ed or pee-ed themselves, they are probably already in a terrible mood and screaming the place down. To help ease these sticky situations, a colourful toy that makes noises is a handy way to get their attention and brighten their mood so you can clean them and quickly put on that fresh new Drypers Touch!


Hopefully these tried and tested diaper bag items help to make outings with baby a little easier. A lot of them are focused on quick easy diaper changes. More importantly though, these items should remind you to take care of yourself as well. If your baby is screaming at the top of their lungs in the middle of a nice restaurant and you feel like everyone is looking at you… don’t worry! You’re not the first, and certainly won’t be the last mum with a crying baby. So sit back, relax and massage some of that medicated oil on your temples!


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