Here are some handy things that are useful to know about little kids, food and eating.

• All types of nuts can easily stick in a baby's throat, so keep all nuts away from children under the age of 12 months

• Honey may contain traces of bacteria, so should not be eaten by children under the age of 12 months The same lower age limit applies to spinach and beetroot, which contain more nitrate than is recommended for small children

• Your baby's first teeth will start peeping through at around 6-8 months Take good care of them, as they’ll need to last for several years

• Go easy on cow’s milk and dairy products during the first year Instead breastfeed or bottle feed with infant formula

• Don't salt baby’s food Little kidneys are not yet fully developed

• Porridge is healthy, but home-made porridge doesn’t contain much iron Iron-enriched cereals are a better choice for small babies

• Your baby may not need to drink with meals while you’re breastfeeding If they do, water is best

• Take care not to scrape the spoon around your baby's mouth The skin is very sensitive there Besides, it’s good for baby to lick around their mouth – it helps speech development

• Don't rush Let your baby finish chewing before offering the next spoonful

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