Here is some down-to-earth wisdom from other Treasures (local adaption) parents:

• Put a pillowcase or cloth nappy under baby’s head in their cot so you don’t have to change the sheet after every spill or dribble
• Use breast milk as nose drops
• A hum of background noise can elicit a deep sleep from some children – try a fan or a vacuum cleaner outside the room or put the clothes dryer on
• Make a fascinating toy for baby by three-quarters filling an old soft drink bottle with coloured water, glitter and beads Secure the lid safely
• A junior toothbrush makes a great gum soother during teething, and introduces your child to the idea of brushing their new teeth
• Give baby medicine by squirting it into the back of their mouth with a plastic syringe, or through a teat Have older children numb their taste buds by sucking an ice cube before taking the medicine, then wash it down with a drink afterwards
• Rice bags are more comfortable than ice packs against bumps and bruises Sew three sides of a hand towel, fill with rice, then sew shut Put in a plastic bag and store in the freezer

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