No matter whether it was planned or not, living alone with children has its moments - both positive ones and more tiring ones. Our single parenting experts share their experiences here to help make your day-to-day life easier.

As a newly single parent, you might need a bit of advice to help you make your day-to-day life run more smoothly So we've asked our experts, Richard, Camilla, Miranda and Brenda, all single parents with two children, to share their experiences We asked them what advantages there are in parenting alone They agreed on:

1 You don't have to get into arguments or discussions any longer

2 Your child-free time is time for yourself: time to live a bachelor life, eat junk food, stay up all night and do whatever you please

Of course you'll feel tired now and again And when you're starting to feel you've had enough, our experts suggest you:

1 Take some time out Go and lie down for 10 minutes You have to reduce the demands on yourself Only do the things that have to be done; don't do more than is necessary

2 Work to the principle that 'a bit of muck in the corners is better than out-and-out hell' Enjoying life doesn't mean making sure every little thing is in its place It's all about having time for your children

3 Have set times for things, like sending the kids to bed at eight o’clock Even if the kids are not sleepy, you need the time for yourself Having a parent who's completely worn out is no good to them

4 Go to bed fairly early It's crucial to get enough sleep

5 Remember you can't do everything if you're on your own; never forget that

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