What Doctor Spock said already in 1946 still holds true: The key to Mom’s confidence is: “Trust yourself; you know more than you think you do.”

It seems like a really simple solution to all the doubts you probably have when it comes to parenting But it’s as easy as that; to trust yourself when it comes to your baby You actually know more than you think
But from time to time we all need a little boost of that parental confidence Perhaps some of this can lift you up?
-      You’re a great parent Your baby thinks you’re the best one No doubt
-      Fake it till you make it Little babies are easy to fool, you feel unconfident, unsure, pretend the opposite Speak lower and slower to calm both of you
-      People can give advice, and that is great and of course you should listen, but you’re the parent, it has to work for you and your child
-      Lose the audience – stay at home if it feels like you’re getting nervous about people looking, advising and not being able to stop themselves from sharing their point of view when it comes to your baby Your getting anxious will only be upsetting for your baby So if it was hard to comfort him or her before, it’s certainly not going to get easier after that
-      Beware of competitive friends If you can’t close your ears, if it’s hard not to care about all the comparing, just scale back on the encounters
-      Full schedule doesn’t mean a full life Take care of yourself
-      Recharge your batteries Mama boosts can be an hour or two, or a day, on your own Everyone needs that
-      Spread yourself thicker It’s ok for a mom to be a little more helpless and inaccessible from time to time You don’t have to be on call every minute, picking up toys or tending to every need No one has suffered from waiting a second or two, or a minute or two You’ll hear if it’s an emergency
-      Things change and you with them So something worked great for you before and now it seems like you need to try something else Ok You know that both you and your baby develop Change is not something bad; on the contrary it’s smart And mature
-      Get rid of the bad mommy syndrome Let’s go back to the beginning of this article; you’re an awesome parent, the best according to your baby He or she doesn’t want anyone else Period
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