Your five new favourite diaper bag essentials

Every Singaporean boy goes through BMT (Basic Military Training) as a rite of passage to manhood. Similarly, every new parent must go through Basic Poop and Pee Training in order to earn their stripes and ascend the levels of parenthood.

We spoke to some experienced parents who shared with us what this rigorous training involves. Here are some of their top tips for enduring ‘sai kang’!

1. ‘Force prep’ your diaper caddy and diaper bag

Think like a recruit and make sure that your diaper area or diaper bag is packed meticulously beforehand. This way you know that you have everything handy when an emergency strikes.

One way to ‘force prep’ at home is by having a diaper caddy in your diaper changing area. A diaper caddy is a large inexpensive box with separate compartments for each of the items that you will need when changing your baby. This way, you notice that something is missing or has run out when one of the compartments is empty. If you want to be extra kanchong, you can even label each of the compartments!

Similarly, have your diaper bag packed and stocked up at all times. You’ll thank yourself for this when you are late for an appointment and have to wrangle a screaming baby into a car seat

2.    Use your ‘ground sheet’ when you go ‘outfield’

A diaper changing mat (like a groundsheet) is a diaper changing essential. Make sure you purchase a good quality one that will last you and your baby for years, and which is light and easy to carry around when you are ‘outfield’.

Diaper changing mats provide a comfortable surface area in case the diaper change station is occupied and you need to improvise and set up somewhere else. They also protect your baby from germs that they might be exposed to in diaper change stations.

Even when you are at home, you should keep your baby’s ‘bunk’ clean by using a diaper mat. In case of runny poop, the mat is there to catch any leakage and minimise the mess. They should be water resistant and easy to wipe down later.

3.  Keep (their bottom) hydrated

NS men are constantly reminded to stay hydrated as they spend hours under the sun. Similarly, when you are cleaning your baby’s bottom, you should embrace the power of H2O!

When doing diaper changes at home, a small wash basin with warm water and a bit of soap mixed in is the easiest and most soothing way to clean your baby’s diaper area. Using cotton pads or a small towel, sponging them with this water and soap mixture is not only gentler on baby’s skin, it is also more economical than always using baby wipes.

However, when you are out and about with your baby, the obvious answer is to get those baby wipes out to keep that bottom hydrated! Drypers has a new range of hydrating wet wipes with soothing organic calendula extract to help reduce any irritation in the diaper area.

4.  Dress your recruit for battle

Your baby fights battles every day. With that bowl of bright green vegetable puree, with the chocolate bar that they grabbed from the table when you were not looking… The point is, their clothes are not going to stay in top condition.

You may be tempted to splurge on expensive, branded baby clothes, but realise that it makes more sense to spend less money on clothes and more money on good quality baby products like diapers. Good quality diapers are comfortable and soft on your baby’s bottom, more absorbent for longer-lasting wear, and have anti-leakage barriers to make sure that poop explosions barely cause a rumble.

The less attached you are to your baby’s outfits, the less anxiety caused when you realise that the horrible brown stain isn’t going to wash out. In any case, your baby grows so quickly that the clothes they wear at this age barely last more than a few months. There are now so many low and mid-priced brands that make cute baby clothes, so seek those out instead.

5.  FITness matters

Don’t worry, by FIT we don’t mean push ups and chin ups!

What matters is that your baby wears diapers that FIT them well. A well-fitted diaper will be secure around the legs and waist without being too tight and causing red marks on your baby’s skin. Diaper fit is important as it means no leakage and longer lasting wear, which in turn means less unnecessary diaper changes for you.

Drypers Touch comes in five different sizes that fit your baby from the moment he or she is born, up to when they are about six months old. It is designed to fit the contours of your baby’s bottom and is also extra absorbent and soft! Once your baby outgrows Drypers Touch, they can move on to Drypantz. With the new SmartFIT technology it has a 4-way stretch material to adjust to your baby’s body and softly hug their waist. If you want to try the diapers out, you can visit here and request for free samples today!

6. Be prepared for open fire

This one is a bonus tip for parents of baby boys. One little issue took all our experienced parents by surprise at the start of Basic Poop and Pee Training, so take note!

When you unwrap your baby boy’s diaper, be wary of the fact that their front-facing privates are more mobile than a baby girl’s. If the urge strikes, they may very well open fire on you! A good way to avoid getting ‘shot at’, is to use a ‘pee teepee’, a little cover for their privates which you can buy from baby shops. Alternatively, simply putting a baby wipe over it should do the trick.

Hopefully these tips help with your own Basic Poop and Pee Training. It will feel gruelling and difficult initially, but keep your spirits up! BMT, for all its rigour is a rewarding bonding experience for NS boys. You will also come out of BPT - after plenty of mess, tears and laughter - with an extra special bond with your baby.

Then before you know it… POP loh!

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