Take advantage of your baby’s chilled-out nature and book a quiet relaxing trip. It’s a great bonding experience for the whole family.

Perhaps it doesn’t feel like that; but the infant stage is a traveling opportunity, since the baby sleeps a lot This is without doubt the chilling phase
Many parents take advantage of that, by going someplace where the main event is lounging in different sun beds, in the shade on patios and by the ocean And as long as there’s plenty of food, closeness with mom and dad, and sleep, the baby is happy anywhere
But a good piece of advice is to plan a vacation where you stay in one place A lot of moving around requires energy and can be a little stressful since the little person traveling with you has the needs and luggage of the Emperor of China
Some things to think about:
1  Discuss your travel plans with your pediatrician at least two months before leaving for major trips abroad It’s great if your baby has completed his initial course of immunizations (generally at six months)
2  Thinking about a small island in the middle of nowhere? Ok, but you must always make sure there’s help if you need it, like doctors and hospitals So in addition to that, see to it that there’s a scuba diving facility close by And check if they have an emergency plan in place If it’s a respectable firm, they’ll have one Worst case scenario; their emergency plan is yours as well Note, this is just a tip, not a recommendation
3  If your baby is over six months, a light stroller could be a great investment Best if your baby can sleep comfortably in it A backpack carrier can also be handy
4  Using sunscreen for children under a year old is not recommended, so stay out of the sun at all times And be careful with reflecting sunlight from the surroundings, like water and sand
5  If you’re not traveling to the above mentioned island, just pack what you need for the first days There will be diapers to buy
6  Check out the sleeping arrangements Many hotels have cribs that you can borrow But check the safety on the rented equipment, standards differ between countries
Have a nice vacation!
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