When it comes to dressing your baby, layers rule, along with clothes that breathe.

It’s so easy to dress your newborn baby too warmly because you worry they will get cold; something you don’t want to happen

Heat rash
But a baby dressed too warmly feels uncomfortable, and they will grizzle and may get a red heat rash (This rash will quickly disappear if you loosen their clothes)
Dress your baby in breathable fabrics
It’s great to dress your baby in breathable fabrics like cotton Avoid synthetic materials altogether and avoid clothes that are too tight
Two good tips:
• Dress your baby in layers
• Check your baby’s temperature by feeling the back of their neck If it feels warm, they are comfortable If they feel sweaty, remove a layer, or perhaps fold down the blanket in the stroller
Note: It’s actually a couple of degrees warmer for baby in the stroller than it is outside

Body temperature
Since the baby's "thermometer" is not fully developed during the first year, it's difficult for them to regulate their own body temperature, so it’s important to check from time to time if they’re feeling too warm or perhaps a bit too cold

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