Nappy rash is irritated skin on your baby's little bum. However careful you are, it can be difficult to prevent. But here are some tips.

Small babies wee and poo a lot, which means that their nappies need to be changed five or six times a day and sometimes as often as eight or nine times

Here are some tips to prevent nappy rash It’s important your baby’s bottom is clean and dry before you put on a clean nappy, so:
1 Change your baby’s nappy often
2 Wash your baby's bottom with water and a soft cloth (cut up some old towels)
3 Allow air to get on the bottom every time you change your baby’s nappy
4 Put a new nappy on only when your baby’s bottom is absolutely dry

Irritated skin

But however careful you are, it can be difficult to prevent your baby's skin getting irritated If it gets really bad, small sores may start to form (nappy rash)

Nappy rash is caused by the fact that poo and wee contain substances which can irritate the skin This rash should not be confused with a heat rash or a sign that the baby's first teeth are on the way, or that their clothes are too tight or they’re too warmly dressed

If the skin is showing signs of nappy rash:
1 Try using breast milk on the rash Let it dry before putting on a clean nappy
2 Always make sure the bottom is dry before putting on a new nappy
3 Don't use soap or oil on irritated skin and avoid using greasy ointments
4 Nappy rash cream with zinc oxide and lanolin or zinc oxide ointment can work well

If your baby’s little bum is very red, it can take a few weeks of care before the skin's normal level of resistance returns Talk to your Plunket nurse or midwife for more advice

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