Does it feel like your baby has trouble settling down in the evening? Is he or she unhappy most of the time? Try taking things easy for a while and see if that helps.

How are things in the evening? A little whiny? Some screaming? Does your baby have trouble settling down? Difficulty getting to sleep? Is he or she inconsolable?

Try cutting back on daytime activities and consider whether a calmer life suits your baby better

Right from the start there’s a big difference between toddlers; some are simply more affected by what goes on around them Others can sleep through a birthday party for 20 one-year-olds – and that’s no mean feat!

Overtired babies
The older your baby gets, the more their personality takes shape Some babies are happy to take part in endless kiddy activities, meet up with mum or dad’s friends, go shopping, and sleep a little in the stroller Others become overtired and cannot settle in the evening after a full day of activities, new environments, and people

Getting used to busy environments
Getting your baby used to a busy environment is a little too hopeful You need to find a compromise between your needs, such as meeting others (and this is important!), and those of your baby – peace and quiet For instance, you can meet people at home, if going to a cafe is too stressful for your baby

It won’t always be like this Babies grow and as they get older they can cope with more and more stimulation and activity Naturally, though, their personalities don’t change

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