Returning to work after becoming a mother can be really strange. Now that you're back, it's as if nothing has changed.

Those last few weeks and days at home simply rush by Before you know it, you're back at work and it's as if nothing has happened No baby No life-altering experience… You've got more or less the same e-mails in your inbox, the same chat at break time

But something is different Although it’s nice to meet your colleagues and go out for a lunch that someone else has made, you’re missing someone… And that’s hard Really heartbreaking from time to time No doubt about it

Look after yourself
It’s important to look after yourself when you start back at work It’s easy to get stressed out because you want to be a great colleague and a fabulous parent But there’s no longer enough time to do everything

Some tips:
• Lower your expectations of yourself
• Rethink your priorities What are the important things, really?
• Set your sights lower when it comes to cleaning and activities Are those things really so important?
• Invest any spare time in your family instead of housework
• Share with your partner Equality makes for long-lasting relationships

Tell us about going back to work here! Is it nice? Hard? What happened to equality at home?

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