Drypers Drypantz XL

12 - 17 kg
Drypers Drypantz XL

Our NEW Drypers Drypantz with improved DRY & FIT coupled with NEW PRO-SKIN™ pH balanced layer which protects baby from skin irritation. What’s more? It is ECO-GREEN, our commitment to caring for baby & nature.

Drypers Drypantz is now with 6 AbsorbDryLayers™ effectively absorbs, distributes, and locks in urine to keep baby’s skin dry and comfortable for up to 10 hours dryness. Each of the layer are enhanced with the NEW PRO-SKIN™ pH Balanced Layer helps to balanced off the urine of baby so to protect baby from skin irritation. Made with 100% Breathable Self-Cool Cover™ that allows air circulation to keep baby’s skin cool and dry. Naturally releasing heat and moisture through micro-pores, even during hot weather.

 It also come with tailored FIT for babies at different growth stages. CrawlFIT™ for M sized specially designed for babies who are learning to crawl, provides a perfect cuddle fit around baby’s waist & leg for active movement & leakage protection. MoveFIT™ for L-XXL sized provide great fit & leakage protection as baby grows & discovers the world around him/her. 

NEW Drypers Drypantz is now come with wetness indicator to remind parents to change when it turns from yellow to green! Making diapering worry free; and to focus on child’s development.

As our commitment to caring for baby & nature, it is ECO-GREEN! Manufactured without chemicals that are harmful to the environment (MIT/CMIT, BPA, PVC, Dioxin, Heavy Metal, Phthalate and Organotin), eco-friendly ink and USDA certified, both our diaper bag & box can be recycled with the relevant recycle system.

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